Some scholars came to the understanding that, with the most profound analysis, the great order of life on this planet and, possibly on others, is created like a musical score.


The inner world of people has its own more



This means that the clad or represented by a mathematician, physicist, chemist, engineer or artist in the form of some quantitative relations, obeys not the external form, but the fact that inexorably sets the tone and the rhythm of order: this is music.

It is possible to transfer music with the help of the body in dance or melodic music from tonogogica or melolistic, which is musical more

Sound therapy tools


(from the greek. therapeia - care (support) about yourself, family, environment, relationships, society)

The success of sound (music) therapy works primarily provided by harmonized the influence of sound (music) on people.

To understand how this happens harmonization, clarify the characteristics of music and people.

Let's start with the person.

Humanity form three component (element): bodily, mental and more



from the tone (fr. tonalité, greek τόνος-stress, tension, Lat. tonus-tone) and gogika (greek ἄγω, agogos – the leader, lead, accompany formation).

Accompanying and guiding the stress process.

Choose a song that fits you to listen to the relevant task (improved mood, increased memory or discussed above (eg learn a new language, or the dream of a vacation or need to improve contact with men want to dance, we need affection, etc.) more