What is music therapy?


Bodily first person communicates with physical "inanimate" matter.

Mental - the biological "alive".

Spiritual - the socio-cultural.


All three components are inextricably fused in man, in other words, the manifestation of one of them - bodily, emotional or spiritual - can we make judgments about the state of the other two.


Speaking of music, the latter is a sound creation, has three levels (layers) of sound that can be called:

- physico-acoustic (this layer generates the body and "inanimate" matter, has a wave-carrying component), in the musical composition it usually reproduces the rhythm;


- communicative intonation (this layer extends to the body and the "inanimate" matter, the spiritual and spiritual layers, interconnects layers within themselves and with a certain type of listeners), the wave carrier is filled with a group tonality of various components: racial, cultural, moral, which provide priority information contact with the already established type of listeners, in the musical composition it usually reproduces the orchestral or group by instruments overall tone of the work that is distributed Smiling all the work or parts of it, sometimes the verses and choruses;


- spiritually valuable (this layer extends to spirituality, sociality, provides the unity of the human, the manifestation of the existing transcendent Being, the sanctity and diversity of its available manifestations), the wave-carrying component is filled with solo and / or choral tonality: universality manifests, which provides priority information contact with a wide range of listeners who have racial, cultural or moral differences, but who unite around the musical composition, in a musical composition about it is usually a type of tonality of a solo and / or chorus with a digital component of the number, and a certain order of reproduction of notes...read more